Print Secure Prescriptions onto Plain Paper

Print state and federal compliant prescriptions securely and cost-effectively onto plain paper using any printer.


Efficiently Drive Compliance and Patient Satisfaction

SecureRx safely and securely simplifies paper prescriptions. Preprinted Rx paper and Rx pads carry theft risk and chain of custody requirements. SecureRx saves time, cost AND eliminates the risk of prescription pads and prescription paper being stolen. The ideal solution for situations where paper scripts are needed, SecureRx can deliver patient-supportive education and affordability options.

Benefits SecureRx Rx Pads Pre-Printed Rx Stock Thermal Printer & Paper
Avoids Chain of Custody Procedures
Does Not Require Special Paper
Does Not Require Special Printers
Does Not Require Printer Locking Trays
Avoids Paper Theft Risk
Avoids Time Spent Reordering Supplies
Avoids Illegibility Errors & Callbacks
Prints Prescriptions Anywhere on Network
Lowest Average Cost Per Prescription

SecureRx can be used in almost any state. Curious if yours is one of them?

map of places SecureRx is available

SecureRx is available
These states follow the national CMS regulations which support plain paper prescriptions with on-demand printed security features.

SecureRx not yet available
These states require anyone who issues prescriptions to purchase tamper resistant prescription paper from authorized paper manufacturers.

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