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The most trusted prescription printer for plain paper prescription printing among hospitals and health systems.

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Plain Paper Prescription Printing Made Simple

We are a cloud-based security prescription printing service that condenses your prescription output strategy. With SecureRx, you can print CMS-compliant prescriptions using plain paper and on any printer. There are many advantages to SecureRx from meeting compliance to reduced inventory. But, that's just the start...

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Eliminate the risk and costs
associated with Rx pads, security paper, and special equipment

Meet compliance requirements
securely and cost effectively

Flexible and scalable
to seamlessly integrate with your EMR and your clinical workflows


The Leader in Plain Paper Prescription Printing Services

Over 700 Hospitals and Health Systems

Hundreds of Millions of Prescriptions

CMS Compliance Using Plain Paper Prescription Printing

Partner with Leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems

Seamless Clinical Workflow Integration Across All Departments

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