Why SecureRx?

SecureRx offers the best ROI with the most security and workflow flexibility to simplify plain paper prescriptions.

The SecureRx Difference

Preprinted Rx paper and Rx pads carry theft risk and chain of custody requirements. SecureRx not only saves time and cost – it eliminates the risk of prescription pads and prescription paper being stolen and used to gain access to prescription drugs. In one New York case alone, an estimated 1.4 million preprinted forms were stolen and sold on the black market.

Benefits SecureRx Rx Pads Pre-Printed Rx Stock Thermal Printer & Paper
Avoids Chain of Custody Procedures
Does Not Require Special Paper
Does Not Require Special Printers
Does Not Require Printer Locking Trays
Avoids Paper Theft Risk
Avoids Time Spent Reordering Supplies
Avoids Illegibility Errors & Callbacks
Prints Prescriptions Anywhere on Network
Lowest Average Cost Per Prescription

The Leader in Secure Prescription Printing

As the FIRST prescription printing solution in the market, SecureRx has been leading the industry for over a decade.


Prescriptions Printed







On Demand Security You Can Trust

SecureRx offers anti-fraud protection that eclipses other prescription printing solutions with security features unavailable anywhere else. Multiple layers of tamper-resistant and anti-counterfeiting features exceed federal and state requirements.

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Any Network

Any Printer on the Network

Unlike thermal printers, SecureRx allows prescriptions to be printed on plain paper from any printer on the network. Since SecureRx works with any printer, there is no hardware requirement and no time needs to be spent reordering thermal paper, resulting in time and cost savings.

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Any Network

Integrates with Your EMR

Flexible to fit your environment, SecureRx integrates with your Practice's EHR or EMR system, so you can securely print prescriptions without changing your clinical workflows allowing you to focus on efficient care for your patients.

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Complement Your E-Prescribe Initiative

Even with e-prescribe, up to 20% of all prescriptions will still need to be paper-based. SecureRx provides the simple and cost-effective solution to complement your move to e-prescribe.

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